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The Casting Call is a casting agency based in East London. Our mission is to cast multichannel, content-led campaigns and programming that people actually want to watch and read about. 


We strive to help TV and advertising companies cast talent for all types of projects, honing in on sensitive and emotive storytelling, big characters, genuine people and diverse backgrounds. 

So, whether you’re looking for talent to cast, or you’re simply on the prowl for up-and-coming talent that defies all expectations, or you need a celeb, get in touch here.

And if you are talent looking to get cast, simply drop us an email, keep a lookout on our social feeds, casting page or register here.

Founded in 2017 by Darren Hill, an experienced broadcast Casting Director and Producer.



Leave the casting to us from start to finish. We can design a casting callout, manage auditions or Zoom potential talent, and deliver full casting tapes, cut if requested, to your inbox.

We have a large outreach on our Facebook and Instagram casting pages, with a growing database. We're part of a number of groups and organisations - No request is unusual for us. So leave it to us.

We can help schedule any talent logistics and chaperone them on the day of filming to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.


We request background information on talent and where possible get a copy of a current DBS within the past 12 months. If required we can do social media checks too. All data will be processed with care and following the governments GDPR guide. 


Here at The Casting Call, we understand that it's all about cutting through the noise, and recognise the importance of connecting you effectively with those key influencers. We can help you align your brand credibly with the right match, extending your reach and your audience, in a meaningful and beneficial manner. From fashion, music, art and beauty to health, fitness, sports and speakers. We know how to hook into their scene, their hype, their social circle.

Social influencers are working their way to the forefront of many high-end brands and campaigns. Forming the new 'it' crowd, they are establishing themselves and their audience by developing unique and personal content across a variety of platforms. By showcasing and promoting their creative talent and passions, steering trends and utilising their lifestyles, we immediately feel an authentic connection to them.


Diversity is at the forefront of our casting. We follow Equity in its mission to 'Play Fair'. 

Play Fair on inclusive casting – to deliver more diversity on stage, screen, online and on-air
• Play Fair with the law – members routinely share their experiences of poor and potentially illegal practice
• Play Fair on accessibility – too little thought is given to ensuring disabled actors have equality of opportunity in the casting process
• Play Fair and monitor – more employers need to monitor the diversity of their performers so that we can measure progress

The Casting Call specialises at sourcing and securing talent. Having built relationships whilst working with senior executives and directly working on location, studio and behind the scenes, Darren is well-versed booking established talent.


Additionally, he can brief and produce talent on location and negotiate fees and contracts. He can communicate with the parties efficiently. If you require the help and guidance from Darren, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


We believe that inclusive casting is crucial to achieving both a balanced portrayal of women, black, Asian and minority ethnic, LGBTQIA+ and Deaf and disabled people across the industry - providing both a level playing field for our members - and a realistic and authentic mirror reflection of UK audiences.

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